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IALA Model Course V-103/2 on Vessel Traffic Services Supervisor Training, Edition 2

The complete course comprises six modules, each of which deals with a specific course module and subject representing a requirement or function of a VTS Supervisor, followed by simulated exercises and an assessment intended to be representative of events and incidents likely to be experienced in a VTS centre.

The course comprises 6 modules which are summarised below – full details can be found in the IALA model course V-103/2.

  • Advanced Traffic Management

  • VTS Equipment

  • Additional Personal Attributes

  • Responding to Emergency Situations

  • Administrative Functions

  • Legal Knowledge

A successful candidate’s logbook shall be endorsed as is proper.

Course Details

Course Duration: 10 days

Assessment: Written and Direct Observation of Practical Exercises

Attendance: 100% attendance is required

Entry Requirements: A candidate should:

Be in possession of a valid VTS Operator Certificate and completed Logbook;

Satisfy the Competent Authority/ VTS Authority requirements.

Accreditation: DGLL

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