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Based on IALA Model Course C0103/1 on Vessel Traffic Services Operator Training, Edition 3

The course covers the minimum requirements of the IALA Recommendation C0103. It is based on the minimum required knowledge and competence factors for certification as a VTS Operator and covers the theoretical knowledge required for training as defined in Recommendation C0103.

The complete course comprises seven modules, listed below, each of which deals with a specific subject representing a requirement or function of a VTS Operator, followed by simulated exercises and assessment intended to be representative of events and incidents likely to be experienced in a VTS center.

  • Communication Coordination and Interaction

  • Legal Framework

  • Provision Of VTS

  • Nautical Knowledge

  • Equipment

  • Human Factors

  • Emergency Situations

Full details can be found in the IALA model course

Course Details

Course Duration: 15 Days

Assessment: Written, Oral, and Direct Observation

Attendance: 100% attendance is required

Entry Requirements: Candidates are expected to have a minimum of STCW (as amended) Officer of the Watch (OOW) Deck certification or equivalent.

Accreditation: DGLL

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