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Never Stop Learning

Aatash Norcontrol Limited (ANL) has set up Kongsberg VTS Training Academy (KVTSTA) at Ahmedabad ,Gujarat in 2015. Kongsberg VTS Training Academy,, Ahmedabad is a premier Maritime Training Institute which conducts IALA and DGLL approved VTS Courses. This is the first of its kind full fledged IALA accredited training Institute in India with all facilities for conducting IALA VTS Model courses.. KVTSTA is a pioneer academy which offers comprehensive classroom and On Job Training, adhering to International quality standards in meeting the requirements of Vessel traffic service industry.

The training is imparted at the most economical training package in the world with full facilities.

Aims and Objectives

KVTSTA aims to maintain itself as a training institute of nautical excellence that provides the best possible professional training to personnel to ensure efficient and safe ship and offshore operations.

To achieve this aim, KVTSTA

· Reaches out to all sea farers to create awareness of quality training that can be provided consonant with the latest regulations and safety standards.

· Continually upgrades and remodels its infrastructure, innovates and optimally utilises its resources to enhance efficiency and provide quality training.

Organisation Structure


GM Training

Manager Training


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