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IALA Model Course V-103/3 on Vessel Traffic Services On Job Training, Edition 2

The course covers the minimum requirements of the IALA Recommendation V-103.The purpose of the model course is to provide a consistent approach to the training of VTS Personnel in a specific operational VTS environment. This course complements the training delivered in model courses V-103/1 and V-103/2 to provide VTS Personnel with the specific knowledge of local VTS operational, geographical and equipment related procedures.


The broad modules that are to be covered in V-103/3 training should consist of the following:

• traffic management;

• local knowledge;

• communication co-ordination/language;

• equipment;

• personal attributes;

• emergency situations;

• local publications / regulations (e.g. Notices to Mariners).


Full details can be found in the IALA model course

Course Details

Course Duration: Duration will depend on the candidate's own ability and the complexities of the VTS area involved.

Assessment: Written, Oral, and practical demonstration of job related skills

Attendance: 100% attendance is required

Entry Requirements: Candidates should be in possession of V-103/1 and/or V-103/2 certification

Accreditation: DGLL

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