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IALA Model Course V-103/4 on Vessel Traffic Services On-the-Job Training Instructor Training, Edition 2

This course is intended to provide the training and practical guidance required to become an effective instructor of model course V-103/3 On-the-Job Training. Successful completion of this training must be indicated by an endorsement in their VTS certification log issued in accordance with IALA Recommendation V-103 on Standards for Training and Certification of VTS Personnel.

Upon completion of the V-103/4 course the newly qualified On-the-Job Training Instructor should have a thorough understanding of the specific On-the-Job Training objectives and:

  • have a thorough understanding of adult learning techniques taking into account the specific needs of the trainees;

  • have the tools to develop a detailed VTS centre On-the-Job Training programme;

  • are qualified in the task for which training is being conducted and assessment is being made;

  • have an appropriate level of knowledge & understanding of the competence to be assessed;

  • be able to develop, create and maintain an OJT task book;

  • be able to effectively manage the training process to meet the specific needs of individual trainees;

  • be able to continually review the effectiveness of the training programme;

  • be able to maintain accurate records of training and progress to facilitate effective assessment;

  • be able to develop and apply OJT assessment methods;

  • where a simulator is used, be able to gain practical operational simulator experience; and able to gain practical assessment experience on the particular simulator, under supervision and to satisfaction of an experienced assessor; and

  • be able to review and adapt training programmes to meet new and emerging techniques, technologies and procedures.

Course Details

Course Duration: 4 days

Attendance: 100% attendance is required

Entry Requirements: Hold valid VTS Operator/Supervisor Certificate in accordance with all provisions of V-103 and appropriate VTS operational experience.

Assessment: Written and Direct Observation of practical exercises

Accreditation: DGLL

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