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This Certificate Belongs to

Mr. Satyabrata Rath

Registration Number


VTS Operator Course Certification V- 103/1

Batch No. 31

Date Issued 11/10/2018

Valid Till - 10/10/2021

Certification Number - V1031:1802:161

VTS Supervisor Course Certification V-103/2

Batch No.12

Date Issued - 25/10/2018

Valid Till- 24/10/2021

Certification Number- V1032:1802:051

VTS Revalidation Course Certification V-103/5

Batch No.32

Date Issued - 24/11/2021

Valid Till 23/11/2024

Certification Number-V1032:1802-051R1

Mr. Satyabrata Rath

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